Tony’s List 101

Tony’s List is a new community marketplace for used surfboards here at Boardgrab.

Our goal is to create a great place for you to buy or sell your used surfboards.

Tony’s list is currently in beta, so we appreciate any feedback you can send us. Drop us a line if you have any concerns, can’t find an answer below or have any general feedback at

  • How do I sell an item?

    If you don’t already have one, create an account with us. Once you are logged in,
    go to ourSell a board page. Fill in board information and upload photos of the board you are selling (see board photo guidelines). Select your listing plan, pay via Paypal and submit your board to be reviewed and approved by us. Once approved, your board will listed and ready to sell. Board sellers will contact you via email for purchase and pickup. Your email will never be publicly shared.

  • How do I get paid?

    You and the buyer will be in contact with each other to discuss the best payment option for your situation. Cash in person at the time of the transaction is typically preferred.

  • Why wasn't my listing approved?

    We review every board listing before making it available for sale to our online community. Doing this allows us to be sure every listing fits our protocol to help eliminate scams or fraud. Check over our “Board listing Protocol” to be sure all of your information is correct and displayed how we require it to be.

  • How many boards can I sell as a seller?

    You can sell as many boards as you like. There is no limit, in fact we encourage you to sell multiple boards through us.

  • My board was sold, what's next?

    After selling a board, notify us via email immediately so we can take your listing down. Notifying us will keep you from continuing to pay for your listing and keep already sold boards from being inquired about.

  • How much does it cost?

    We have two plans:
    1. $4 / week per board
    2. $10 / month per board

    Either way is less than you would pay for commission at another shop.

  • How do I purchase a board?

    When you see a board you like, click the green “grab it” button and fill out the information including your message to the seller of any questions you might have. From here you and the seller will discuss where and when you would like to make the transaction. Ya know, like Craigslist 😉

  • Is there shipping?

    We do not handle any shipping. Shipping is 100% determined by the board seller.

  • I want to buy a board but the seller isn't responding

    Either the seller is busy (board sellers have lives too) or there is a chance that the board has already been sold and he/she has not notified us yet.

    Please email us at about this so we can look deeper into the issue and rectify the situation.