Boardgrab in California [VIDEO]

We started Boardgrab to make browsing & buying every used surfboard across the country as painless as possible. After an amazing year of featuring the used surfboard inventories of our east coast surf shop partners, we felt it was time to hop on over to the west coast and offer our services to the surf shops that line the pacific shore. With the help of Vintage Surfari Wagons, we were able to have an unforgettable experience that was part Endless Summer, part Step Brothers, roadtripping up and down the coast, chasing waves, meeting local surf legends, and cataloging boards to the site.

The two weeks we spent over on the left coast went by super quick, but thankfully our friends at Altamira Film Co. came along for a part of the ride and documented the journey. Press play, and be sure to show some love to our friends at Altamira and Vintage Surfari Wagons! None of this was possible without, y’all!