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We’re making it so damn easy to buy used surfboards. Here’s how: We partner with surf shops and share their inventories to create the largest selection of used surfboards in one place. You find a board you like. Click “grab it” and the surf shop’s contact info will pop up. Contact the surf shop via email, phone call, instagram DM (whatever suits your lifestyle), and they will iron out all the details about purchasing and obtaining your brand spankin' used surfboard from them. You get the perfect board. Even better, you get to skip the cash-only meeting in a parking lot. No surprises, no haggling, no sweat.

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Each used surfboard goes through an honest condition evaluation, ensuring you know exactly what you're buying. We give you detailed board pictures so you know exactly what you are getting. No more scowering Craigslist for a board that may or may not be available, or in the condition that it was promised. We give you peace of mind and ensure that you're not tricked into buying a used board that doesn't meet your expectations. Have a question? Want your boards up on our site? Contact us.

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